CATO Travel offers emergency After Hours Service to its clients with the following rates:


Action Rate
Initial phone call $30.00
Additional traveler records $30.00 each
Tickets issued $10.00
Tickets reissued $20.00
Void surcharge $10.oo (when applicable)

Please note you must complete the CATO Special Traveler Account Profile in order to access After Hours. Click HERE to access our online Profile form or download the PDF and fax completed form to CATO at 202-226-5992. After Hours access requires a password provided by CATO.


If your inquiry can wait until the next business day, we suggest you call 703-522-2286 or you can use our on-line booking tool. Please remember that you can make air, car or hotel reservation at at anytime, but please keep in mind that the air reservation will not be ticketed until CATO has reopened.